October 19, 2014

The Promise

During worship at the Globally Aligned Prayer (GAP) Meeting yesterday, Holy Spirit was releasing revelation to prepare His Bride for war.   A declaration of angelic assistance was announced, and the following word came forth:

As we were worshiping, the Lord said,  “There is a principality, His principality, that He has assigned to this Region, and that angel has not yet been released.” There is a glorious warrior that is waiting to war for this Region.   That angel that is directing the hosts that Sandy was speaking of,  is waiting for the remnant to worship!   Not just in the assembled congregation, but everywhere we go.   They are waiting for Heaven in our heart to be released, so that that angel can do what it was created to do eons ago.   And if you thought what happened in the 1830s was tremendous, you ain’t seen nothing yet, because that angel is going to rip the darkness out of this Region!   But it is on the worship,  the everyday heart song of those that are ruined for Christ,  everywhere we go,  speaking the love of God,  is worship!   Doing the will of God is worship!   Whether you sing at all, if you will speak His love and do His will,  you are doing demonstrative acts of worship that will release the angels.  The angel’s name is Promise!   The angel Promise is covered with rainbows!

As we went back into worship,  the leader told the vision his seven year old daughter received:   “During worship earlier, Kiera saw herself flagging with the Lord.   The Lord was wearing white with a red sash.   Kierra was flagging with a purple flag, and the Lord was flagging with a blue flag.”

The following interpretation was released – The Lord would say, “Out of the purity of your heart, and by the power of My Blood, I will cover you in My holiness and I will clothe you with the royal garments of the priesthood of salvation.   I will use you every place you go to dance and to release the angelic hosts that are waiting for My people to rise up.   I will give you new faith, even as that of a child, faith that will move the mountains.   I will give you even an Elisha anointing, that you be able to see where the enemy’s camp has been set, and where the snare has been placed, and I will give you the ability to not only avoid it yourself,  but to cause those who are in authority to avoid the snares and traps that have been set for those around you. For when you come into My Presence and allow Me to make you holy, I will cover you with the purity of My holiness, and I will give you the authority of My Blood!   And you will overcome everything by the testimony of the priesthood of righteousness that I have established in you.   Know that I am raising up a generation who will not be defiled by the things that defiled the three generations before them, for their passion will be My Presence, and in My Presence I will keep them pure.”

Be blessed as you worship and receive His promise.