May 8, 2014

I Have Given Your Blood A Voice

While attending early Morning Prayer at a local fellowship today, I heard Holy Spirit speaking over His Bride.

“By the Blood of Jesus, I have given your blood a voice.
The voice of reconciliation so that you can come to Me and I can use you to draw others to Me.
The voice of so that by My deliverance you can be free to live for Me and know I have repurchased all that I created you to be.
The voice of restoration so that you will know My friendship and live as My agent of grace.
And the voice of reformation so that in the power of My Blood you will speak to the harvest and see creation brought back to all that I created it to be.
I have given your blood a voice to represent the generations before you, and to launch the generations who follow after you into the reality of My Kingdom. Speak My Word! Decree My Word! I am moving suddenly to bring My Presence to the Earth through those who allow My voice to speak to and through their blood.”

Let’s arise and boldly speak as ambassadors for our King!