March 8, 2013

March 8, 2013

During the time of worship and prophetic intercession at a recent Reform Rochester Regional Assembly, Holy Spirit released seven strategies for our personal and corporate breakthrough:

First Strategy: Intimacy with God

Second Strategy: You are Gate Keepers – Lift your head up in the Gates. Go out as Teams to fulfill the Divine assignments Holy Spirit gives you. Apply it to yourself and apply it corporately.

Third Strategy: Allow the cadence Heaven to become your cadence. Listen to the angelic hosts that the Lord has sent to war on your behalf, and go with their footsteps, and their marching, and their hand claps. Allow your footsteps and your handclaps to break the chains in the spirit realm. Listen to the cadence of Heaven

Fourth Strategy: Your actions will be covert, not overt, so that God gets the glory

Fifth Strategy: Isaac was not allowed to dig a new well. He wasn’t able to move into the new until he redeemed what was in the generations before. We cannot leave generations behind as we move forward.

Sixth Strategy (most important): You have the Name of Jesus. You are called by the Name of Jesus. You are sent by the Name of Jesus. All authority in Heaven and in Earth is given to you in the Name of Jesus. Everywhere you go, the Name of Jesus has to be spoken, has to be decreed. There is power, there is authority, there is grace, there is healing, there are signs, wonders and miracles when you walk in the Name of Jesus. The difference between the church in Antioch and the church in Rochester is they were not afraid or ashamed of the Name of Jesus.

Seventh Strategy: Contend for the harvest! Be willing to press through the narrow places where the Lord has called you so you can get into the broad place of the harvest? His Presence is in the harvest. The Lord is going to give you harvest strategies that will be different for each individual, for each group, for each opportunity. The strategies will come when you yield yourself to seeking His Presence. Press through your narrow place and prepare yourself for wholeness and harvest!