March 22, 2013

March 22, 2013

At a recent worship service, the cymbals began to prophesy transition, and Lisa Fess and I released the following interpretation of what we heard and saw:

And the Lord would say, “You are about to cross over into a new season, and the cadence in the new season will not be that which you were familiar with in the last, for I will accelerate in the new season. I will take you to places where you will hear the rhythms of Heaven, and if you do not align with the cadence of Heaven, you will be out of step with the things that I desire to do for you in the Earth. Know that when you cross over, there will be sweet sounds and there will be the sounds of the high cymbals. There will be the sounds of the angels going before you, and there will be the sound of the cadence of the war that you must fight to make it to the promise. It will not be the same cadence of your past fight. I am teaching My sons and daughters in the next seven years to have their eyes, their ears and their hearts focused on Me. And as you align your ear to hear My heart, I will open your eye to see the path that I have clearly set before you. And as you press through the narrow place, I will keep defilement from following after you. I will purify you with My Word. I will empower you with My Spirit, and I will honor the promises that I have made to you,” says the Lord. “I have made you to be a prophetic people who will take My Word and believe Me at it, releasing it in the places I call you to go. And know that as you take My Word to the places of businesses and the places of pleasure and the places of marketing, I will manifest My glory through you because your heart has been yielded and your ear is at My heart. And you will hear and see even with words of knowledge and words of wisdom what must be said to the one that I bring in front of you. And there will no longer be anxiety about, ‘Who me, Lord?’ For you will have had your ear upon My heart and you will have heard Me say, ‘Go, My son. Go, My daughter.’ Listen to the cadence of Heaven and you will return to that secret place and be refreshed that I may send you again. Know that you are about to cross over into a way that you have never been before, but I will make the way. That which was once narrow and constricted, I will remove the constrictions and I will take you through the narrows,” says the Lord.

As Jared started playing, I instantly saw in the Spirit a rush of rainbow colored, angelic beings just flood and rush into the room, and they were swirling all around us. And then I saw two large, very large, blue colored angels that were territorial leaders. And the Lord reminded me that even our warfare will be different, that the things that we’ve done in the past will no longer be the way we do things in the future. And even as the nation of Israel crossed over and the first thing they faced was Jericho, their warfare there was different than any other thing they had done as they marched around the city and gave the shout of the Lord. And the Captain of the Host met with Joshua and empowered him and gave him the strategy. And the angelic host will be fighting with us and for us, and God, Himself, is going to give us strategy and authority to battle in a new way, and it won’t be the way of the wilderness. It will be the way of the Promised Land and that new place.

But the Lord is also going to begin to open our eyes, even as was spoken, to see things we have never seen before in the strangest of places—not just in nature, but wherever we go, the Lord is going to begin to open our eyes to colors and creatures and things we’ve not seen in the past. And the Lord is going to give us a fearless heart to speak things, to do things, to obey Him in a way that we have not been enabled to obey Him before—not foolishly; with wisdom and strategy, but without fear. And He’s going to give us that sense of the angelic host, even as I saw it tonight, going before us that we will know, that we will know, that we will know, that we are not alone. The days ahead may grow dark, but the Light of the World is with us, and we will know that we are not alone. There is coming a new rhythm, new colors, new strategy, a new march beat, a new way to wage war.

May you hear the heartbeat of God and move with the hosts of Heaven!