January 26, 2014

Snow Birds

What an awesome evening in the Presence of our Lord! family: Thank you, “Snow Birds” for rising above the storm to receive more of the revelation of God last night! Truly the eagle is the greatest of all snow birds, rising above the storms and issues of life to soar in the heavens and see from a higher perspective.

Here is one of the things Holy Spirit spoke to me this morning: “Many people are running around with concern about the ‘polar vortex,’ and later they will be concerned about tropical (hurricanes) and plains (tornadoes) vortices. Know that even as I hovered over you last night and created a Holy Spirit Vortex to open a portal to Heaven, so too as you worship Me throughout your days, I will hover over you to bring more of Myself into your life – My Presence, My Passion, and My Pleasure! Lift up your eyes, lift up your voice, lift Me up and see!”

Remember, our song of victory this year: “For the Lord, He is good, and His love and mercy endure forever!