January 18, 2015

Create A Climate For His Glory

You create the climate in the places you are called to walk!   In this year of the whirlwind, one of the greatest changes we will see is a shift in worship that brings the Bride into the Throne Room, releasing revelation that transforms the Earth.

Last week during worship at a Prayer Summit, I was given a vision of Jesus dancing with His Bride.   In the beauty of the dance, Her face was captivated by His, and all I could see of the Bride was the purity of her attire.    Then Jesus turned His Bride around and displayed Her beauty to the world – breathtaking, She bore His Presence!   In this turnaround year, will you press into intimacy with the Lord, so that He can turn you around and display Himself to the world around you?  Your worship determines your ability to press through the storms of life and enter into the secret place of rest in Father’s Presence.

Let the Lord turn you around and display His glory,