February 16, 2015

Receiving The Mantel Of Your New Identity

During a recent evening of worship, Holy Spirit moved over the assembled congregation and clothed us in our new identity.   At the end of the service the following exhortation was released.

“We are in the place of getting our new identity.   That is where we came to tonight.   That is what communion was about.   We were like the High Priest Joshua in the Book of Zechariah.   He was wearing man’s garments, and they were not good enough.   He was wearing a dirty turban; his thinking was not good enough.   Earlier today, I sang a song in worship practice, “Stinkin Thinkin.”   That is what our thinking is because we have not allowed our mind to be connected with our heart to get into His ways and His thoughts that are higher than ours.    But the Lord said to the angels (and you have angels that want to help you come into your new garments), “Remove the filthy garments from him. See I have taken away your iniquity.”   That is what we entered into at communion.   All of that stuff now is nailed to the cross.   We can choose to pick up those familiar, old clothes again, but that is not Father’s choice for us tonight.   This is a year of walking in a new identity., which is what He gave Joshua instead of the old priestly garments (and he was being accused because he did not have Aaron’s garments.   He had garments made by another man.)—Father has your heavenly identity that He wants to put in place in you tonight.   That is where we are.   But I have to choose to walk in that. That means when that old thought comes back that, “I’m not good enough,” or “I may fail,” (that is fear of failure), all of the things that we sang, “Those walls come down in our hearts,” we have to choose to take a small step of faith into our new identity.   Because what He really wants is for you to be His ambassador.   An ambassador can only speak for the King.   You have no more opinion.   There are over 7.2 billion opinions in the Earth and only His counts!   As an ambassador if you do not know what Father is saying, that means zip it.   That is the hardest thing for a prophetic person to do, but Prophet Bobby Conner says that a prophet is known more in Heaven by what they do not say than what they do say.   As an ambassador, if you have not heard Holy Spirit, Father or Son say something to you, you cannot represent them.   A true ambassador will not give an opinion.   You are ambassadors.   You have new clothes.   You have the clothes of the King because you are His son and His daughter.   That is where He has brought us to in this point in time.   That is the portal that we entered into today. I am not going back.   And that is a choice we each have to make, because He wants you to have so much of Him on you that He can turn you around and present you to anyone in the world and they will see Christ in you and want the hope of glory that is in you.  And you will not speak what you thought you would speak because you will hear Father speak, you will hear Holy Spirit quicken you with a Scripture or give you a prophetic word, and then you will speak, knowing that you are representing the King of kings. Joshua got a new turban.   He got a new thought life. T  hat is what Jesus with His crown of thorns won for you and me.   We do not have to have the old Greek mindset any longer.   We can have Father’s mindset that He is on the Throne and that is final! Y  ou know what that means?   That means that all the stuff we face, He has already got an answer for it, and all we have to do is implement His answer.   It means you do not have to worry about premature births.   You do not have to worry about people who die prematurely.   You do not have to worry about anything.   You just represent Him in the things He tells you to represent Him in.   That is the peace that passes understanding. It comes from wearing your new clothes.   The King has new clothes (they are not invisible) because it is a Kingdom, not an empire. Joshua was redeemed and so are you.   This new identity is going to come into its maturity throughout this year.   And as it comes into maturity throughout this year, the decisions that you make between now and June are going to establish the path that you will follow for the rest of your life.   That is going to be hard for some people, because they are going to take up the old way, and they are going to find themselves going around and around again for the rest of their life.
But for those who choose to be Hebrew (crossing over—that is what Hebrew means—one who crosses over), that means our mindset is going to be: “Father, I am going to cross over with You everyday. And if you do not move today, I will not move today.”   Can you trust the glory cloud and the pillar of fire?   That is what He is asking us. When we put on these new clothes, will we wait for Him to speak so that when we do, we will manifest not only the Presence but the power of His Spirit. That is where we are.”

May the mantel of your new identity function to bring glory to the King!