August 23, 2014

Prepare for the Wind of My Presence

During a recent time of worship, Holy Spirit began to speak through the woodwind instruments.:
“Hear the Word of the Lord.   I am taking you into a month in which I will repair the silk of your sails.   And those things which tried to hold you back and those things which ripped even the main sail and caused it to lose the fullness of the glory of the breath of My Presence, I will repair.   And I will drive out those things that would have caused you to lower the sail on the mast instead of putting it up to catch the wind of My Presence.   For I am about to blow with My wind in the next 90 days, says the Lord, in ways that you have not known Me before, and if you will allow Me to prepare and repair your sail in the next 28 days, I will prepare you to ride on the wind of My Presence in the next 90 days.   When others are trying to catch up to where it is that I would have had them to be, if you will secret yourself away with Me over this next month, I will not only repair your sail, but I will give you the breath of My Presence to propel you forward to that for which I have ordained you to walk.   For there are those who have gotten off the path and those who have decided that they would take a rest, but I have called you to My side to rest.   So that in the midst of the rest, I may do a deep work of healing in your soul and bring a release and a refreshing to your spirit that will allow you to be an ambassador in days of darkness that are coming upon the world. For know that I have already made you to be a lamp.   And as I repair your sail, I will trim your wick and I will re-ignite the flame that is within you, and it will not waiver in the wind of My Presence, but it will become a roaring fire that will draw others close to Me.   Know that in this time I am preparing you to catch the wind of My Presence. For I am about to blow in ways that you have not seen Me blow before, says the Lord.”

It is time to prepare our sails to catch the wind of His Presence in tumultuous times!